Apr 29, 2008

"Tour de Kunisaki"

I took part in an bike ride event named "Tour de Kunisaki" last year. This is a certificate of achievement at that time.

This event is held each year in Ooita prefecture on May third, and I will take part in it this year.

It took 6hours 54minute 42seconds for me to ride on a distance of 100km. It includes short time rests and lunch time. This time, I would like to run faster than last year's record.

"Tour de Kunisaki" web site is here.(but only in Japanese)


Anonymous said...

Hi XXX (I don't know what's your name, lol)

I'm James, from Tokyo Friends. I like your blog, is personal and human, you talk about questions that, how you say, ordinary people live everyday.

I'll read you =)

Ja ne


PD: I want to pratice my English and learn Japanese, so, if you can, when yo send me a mail o something, write it in English and in Japanese below, please ^^

ジョン said...

Good luck with the ride. One hundred kilometers is a very long way to ride, but I bet it's great to do it.