Apr 29, 2008

Japanese manners have dropped to …

This poster is put in a train that I use for going to my office. I felt that Japanese people's manner have dropped to the bottom of the ground when I saw it for the first time.

These sayings look me as "Atarimae"(当たり前)that means common sense that everybody knows. But, JR stuffs have to teach people them. Why?

I often see high-school students sitting on the floor in a train. Now is the time when we have to teach younger people about basically simple social rule.


Anonymous said...

It's the same in America. People no longer have simple manners. I am curious though: What behaviours are the signs discouraging?


bikenglish said...

Onoffoff san

I will try to explain it by translating them into English.


He says that "I placed my bag on my next seet because I will soon get off this train".


He says that "I won't make a noise that other people can hear from my headphone in a train".(This is a good behaviour)


She says that "I was absorbed in talking with my friend by using a cell phone in a train because I was very glad to receive the call from her(him)".

Anonymous said...

I think is the same everywhere. I agree we should not loose good manners but at least in Japan the are some ads telling it to the people. Here, I think, no one care about that. I can´t stand people talking loudly in the cells but it our everyday.

bikenglish said...

[to farooksh-san]
Thank you for leaving your comment.
I worry that Japanese people are separating two groups. One group's member are high-educated and polite people, and another group's members are low-educated and impolite.