Apr 3, 2008

"Dazaifu, Beppu"

Last weekend, I had a one night trip in Kyushu area with my family. I took a paid holiday on Friday for this trip. The first day, we went to the Dazaifu-tenmangu(太宰府天満宮). It is a historical shrine that honors "Sugawara-no-Mchizane"(菅原道真) who was an official and poet in the Heian-era. He is also known as the God of study. Many students in Japan go to this shrine for praying their successes in their shool-life.

My son will take an entrance examination for a high school in next March, so we prayed for his success.

After praying, we were surrounded with a strange atmosphere when we ate Dazaifu's famous snacks called "Umegae-mochi"(梅ヶ枝餅) at a shop. Because, there were several Korean vistors, and they talked each other in Korean language loudly. Recently, the number of Koreans who visit Kyushu increases very much. This is reason why the closeness of Kyushu from Korea and the rise of Korean people's income.

After that, we visited "Kyushu National Museuem" that held "Kokuhou-Dai-Emaki-ten".

Our accommodation on that day was in the city of Beppu(別府), Oita prefecture. It takes about two hours to go to Beppu from Dazaifu by using expressways.

The next day, we went to an old amusement park called "Rakutenchi"(楽天地). It is very old because I went there during my primary school's trip about over thirty years ago.

I place several photos on my album on the web. This time, unfotunately, I could not take typical onsen's photos in Beppu where is very famaous for a lot of onsen. If I go to Beppu in near future, I would like to take onsen photos.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing as always. I would love to visit these places.
One of the photos was taken from a funicular railway. Is this very common in Japan? Where was it?
Regrads from Pamplona.

Anonymous said...
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ジョン said...

It seems like you had a nice trip. It's good to spend time with your family like that. I think that many folks have the impression of the typical overworked businessman that barely sees his family, so it's good for people to see posts like this.


bikenglish said...

farooksh san

Thank you for your comment. I have learned that there are 21 funiclar trains in Japan through this web. Of course, it is linked to "Espanol". And the one that we used is at "Rakutenchi" in Beppu.

Jonathan san

Thank you. Now, I am preparing for Sakura's sequential photos. Please wait for them.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, the nature of Japan is so beautiful! Those pics are amaxing! :)