Apr 20, 2008


When I saw this poster in a subway in the city of Fukuoka, I laughed a little bit. Because there are two meanings in the term, "便".

When we pronounce it "ben", it means a solid waste, and when do it "bin", it means a flight.

This poster is a advertisement of an air line company in Japan named ANA and shows that a user can save money by making a reservation for an earlier flight. So, in this context. we should say it "bin", not "ben.

In direct translation, "If you do not use an earlier flight, you would lose your money".

If you say it "ben" in this context, this phrase has no sense. (but, it is funny.)


ジョン said...

Heh. I'm sure that I'd chuckle too if I saw that. You have good taste. ^_^

bikenglish said...

Jonathan san

I have learned a new word "chuckle", thank you.

My "Longman dictionary" say that it means "to laugh quickly". I would translate it into "(思わず)ふきだす、失笑する" in Japanese, is this right?

ジョン said...

Hmmm. I'd say (and my dictionary agrees) that "chuckle" is more like a slight or soft laugh. Here's what seems to be a good Japanese definition:

静かに[クスクスと]笑う、声を出さずに笑う、一人{ひとり}で笑う、含み笑いをする◆laugh の一種だが、口を開けずに低い、小さな声を立ててクックッと独りで笑うことを表す。(英辞郎より)

Does that make sense?

bikenglish said...

Jonathan san

Thank you. I found that I was wrong when I saw my dicitonary. It says "chuckle" means "to laugh quietely". I can understand it very well because of your help.