Apr 19, 2008

"Hershey made in China"

I have already learned that the Hershey is closing its factories in the United States and building them in other country like Mexico. But, I didn't know that its products are being made in China, now. I was a little bit surprised because I thought that the Hershey was a representative company of America.


Anonymous said...

This is a sad thing to hear. Hershey is definately synonymous with America. It has a rich history, and everyone here knows it. Outsourcing is a big trend these days. It saves the companies a ton of money, but I would guess it hurts our economy as well. Great story, thanks!

bikenglish said...

Tyler san

I have learned a new word "synonymous", thank you.

This time, I did not buy "Hershey made in China", but next time I will buy it to try its taste.