Sep 16, 2007

My Bike

I run with this bike around the rivermouth of the Onga river at leaset 1 hour every weekend. It is enjoyable and good for my health.

This bike's frame is made by an American maker "Klein". It is well known for its skill to paint frame. And the bike's components (gear, derailer, brake system) are made by a Japanese maker "Shimano". Bike components are occupied by only two makers, Shimano and Campagnolo(an Italian maker).

I bought this bike at near bike-shop. Its price was 250,000 yen!

If I have a chance to buy another bike, I want a bike with a frame made by an Italian maker, "Colnago".


ジョン said...

That's a nice-looking bike you've got. Mine is just a cheap used bike but I like it a lot.

I would look forward to getting a bike in Houston, but Houston is nowhere as biker-friendly as Japan is. The sidewalks are too narrow, it's too scary to ride in the street.

Anonymous said...

che bicicletta!!(なんて(すごい)自転車なんだ!!)

bikenglish said...

To Jonathan san

I heard that
a popularity to bike in the U.S.A has increased recently because the obesity is a social problem and there is a poplularity to Lance Armstrong. I am sorry that you could not enjoy riding in Houston.

I have a plan to visit N.Y.C in this Decemeber but I have not still decided it. (It is only a sightseeing.)

Houston is your home city?
Houston is one of places where I want visit in the U.S.A.


イタリアでは、Giro d'Itala があったりして、日本以上に自転車が盛んなイメージがありますが、知人に自転車好きはいなかったですか。(ご主人は、されませんか?)




ジョン said...

Yes, I'm from Houston. If you are able to go after I get back, maybe we'll be able to meet!

Well, it's good that Lance Armstrong, through his popularity, is encouraging people to take up biking! Maybe it will be a little bit better when I get back. (Doubt it!)

Anonymous said...

giro d'italaもvuelta a españaもだいたいの人は景色を楽しむために見るんだ(そして、きれいな場所へ行こうと思う)。



Krimson said...

Wow, 250000 yen! It's really much.
I bought my bike only this spring, I haven't had a ride for about 7 years already, so I thought that I unlearned how to do it. But with little help of my friends (very very strong push ^_^) I realized (was forced to realize ^_^) that it's impossible to unlearn to ride a bike. Mine is one of the cheapest in its class, but it's all right (really I don't understand anything in bikes, so I don't know the difference between cheap and expensive). All summer I used to ride in nearest park (however, it takes about half an hour to get there through city streets) almost every morning. Now I'm waiting for next spring to resume=)
And I'd like bikes, as an everyday transport, to become as much popular in Russia, as they are in China, Japan and Europe already.

bikenglish said...

To Krimson san!

Good (expensive) bike is formed by a good frame and several good components like gear, derailer system, brake system and so on.

Good frame is light and strong, but has flexibility to absorb a shock.

Good components are also light and strong, and supports smooth movement.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.