Sep 27, 2007


Last Monday, I went to a music instrument fair(exhibition) held in Fukuoka city with my family. I found an very interesting instrument there. Its name is "Matryomin". Its form looks a well-known Russian doll named "Matryoshka" and it has an electric instrument named "Termin" that is said the original of an electronic instrment in the inside of it. You can listen to its sound here.


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Krimson said...

Ha, Matryomin ^_^ Very interesting) The fact that the theremin was invented in Russia makes me a bit more proud of my country =) However, it's not popular in Russia and I think not many people have ever seen it or heard about it. I saw it once, on TV, and I was really shoked ^_^ And it's pleasant to see such attention of some Japanese to something Russian.