Sep 3, 2007


I go to this shop to buy some vegetables every weekend with my wife. Farmers can bring their products and sell them here, and consumers can get them at lower price. But some groceries do not have good shapes such as higher foods sold at shopping center. But they are more fresh!

Recently, these shops have became more popular and increased more and more in Japan. This movement is called "Chi -San-Chi-Syou"(地産地消) . "地" means local, "産" means product, and "消" means consume. It means that people should eat food grown in their area.

In Korea, there is a similar idea called "Shindohuji(身土不二)". This idea is that eating foods grown nearby is good for person's health.

I have learned that a musician named Adrienne Young in the United States has continued a movement to let people buy locally grown foods through the VOA special English. It is so nice, I think, because it has good effect on environment and people's health.


ジョン said...

That's pretty interesting. I think 地産地消 is a good idea.

Grace said...

I agree, great idea. I live in Japan - but I haven't heard of this before. Thanks for sharing!

bikenglish said...

grace san e

Thank you for your comment.

You might have known that there are farmer's shops in Kofu-city, for example, here.