Sep 23, 2007

"Mushi no Ne"

I found this cricket in the garden of my house. It is called "Enma-koorogi"(えんまこおろぎ). It chirps like this, "Kolo-kolo-kolo-li-i-i-n"(at least, it sounds like this to Japanese). In this season, I fall in sleep every night listening to this sound because I live in a countryside.

In Japan, some people raise a kind of cricket "Suzu-mushi"(鈴虫) and enjoy its sound.

I heard that Japanese people use a different part of their brain to listen to the sounds made by insects from a part that Westerners use. So, it sounds like a language, a song or a comfortable sound to Japanese, but only a noise or a noisy sound to Westerners.

I don't know that this is fact, or not, but it is very interesting, I think.

How do you feel "Mushi no Ne"(虫の音), comfortable or not?

I have placed "Club Tropicana" by Wham at "My favorite song". You can listen to sounds made by a kind of "koorogi" before the sing starts.

Now. I remeber that there is a well-known children's song whose subject is "Mushi no Ne" in Japan. You can listen to it, here.


Anonymous said...

in italy, "mushi no ne" is called "カント ディ インセッティ(canto di insetti: song of insects)".
i feel it beautiful (but sometimes noisy...).

ジョン said...

I don't mind the sound of insects at all. It makes my surroundings feel more natural, I guess you could say. (Whoa, Wham! That takes me back! I don't know this song, though.)

ジョン said...

Thanks for the link to the song, but I couldn't find a way to make it play.

bikenglish said...

To jonathan san!

I am sorry that you could not listen to it. Why? When my computer connects the website, the song starts automatically. I think that your computers's software like "javasprict" does not do effect from some reason.

ジョン said...


Anonymous said...