Mar 2, 2014

"Cycling Through Japan"

I have subscribed as a guide for a foreigner who travels through Japan by bicycle at a website, "Japan Cycling Navigator". So I receive sometimes a contact for foreigner. This time, I received an email from an American man who has a plan to cycle through Japan in this spring. But, I could not meet with him because my schedule did not meet with his one.

He has a blog that tells his bike trip, Cycling Through Japan. I am looking forward to his new article.

Also, I will meet with a German man who have visited Japan. His main purpose is to take a part in "Tokyo City Marathon" that was held on February. Our meeting is on March 8, and I will take him to a rural area, Munakata, Okagaki that has several sightseeing spots. I am also looking forward to our meeting.

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