Mar 28, 2010

"Kaze no Fujimaru"

"Syounen-Ninja Kaze no Fujimaru"(少年忍者 風のフジ丸) is one of the animation movies that I watched in my childhood. It was a mono-chrome film in my memory, but, I had been wrong for a long time. I noticed that it is full-colored animation movie when I browsed several old animations on the Youtube. The television set of my house in those days was a mono-chrome TV.

By the way, this "Fujimaru"'s animation is a very good work, I think. The creator uses "light and shadow" very well.

Sometimes, I see "Naruto" animation on TV with my daughter and I am often impressed with its high quality. But, "Fujimaru" has a high quality, even though it was cerated more than 40 year ago.

I would like to know about how you feel from this animation.


ジョン said...

This is fascinating. When I think of child ninja shows, I think of "Naruto" and "Nintama Rantaro." This, though, is a whole different generation! I agree that it seems to be a pretty well-made show for the time.

This must bring back a lot of memories for you.

I first became acquainted with "Naruto" via the TV show, but I just read the manga now. The pace of the anime (as compared to the manga) is way too slow for me, and the amount of filler puts me off too. I generally like the opening and ending themes, though.

bikenglish said...


This colored animation might be a part of movie-version, but I am not sure.

By the way, there were other Ninjya-related programs in my childhood. One is "Sasuke"(サスケ) and other is "Kamen no Ninjya Akakage"(仮面の忍者 赤影) (this is not an animation.)

"Ninjya" must attract children's heart in all time, I think.

ジョン said...

Yeah, it seems to be an international effect as well. :-)