Mar 20, 2010

small happiness

Last Wednesday, I found a cherry tree in a station beginning to blossom on my way to my office. I could feel the coming of Spring by it. And, I also discovered a nest of a bird in the tree. This small event brought a little bit happier feeling to me.


Maki said...

It's a big nest in the tree! I wonder if I were in that place, I would like to see the birds. In Niigata, a news about cherry blossom is not yet heard, but I feel spring when I see tulips. That's still seedling (苗), whose height is about less than 20 cm, but it's been growing every day.

ジョン said...

I expect to see a few nests popping up around here soon as well. No cherry trees, though.

lenin said...

this is beautiful. We'll have the trees blossom in a month or so, but we too feel the coming of the spring. Hope, everything goes ok with your family.