Mar 3, 2010

health care reform in America

I have learned about a heated dispute in the United States about the health care reform through the VOA Special English program. I am very interested in how Americans could settle this difficult problem.

But, I could not understand the following sentence in the VOA's program. "The Republicans propose taking smaller steps to reform the health care system. Their ideas include permitting Americans to shop for health insurance in other states and expanding health care savings accounts."

In Japan, we have three type of public health insurance system. The first, relatively big companies have their own health insurance association for their employees. The second, the government guarantees health insurance for employees of small companies. And third, local government serves health insurance for mainly self-employed workers.

People who are insured by health insurance can receive medical treatment at all hospital in Japan. I would like to know what is meant by this part, "permitting Americans to shop for health insurance in other states and expanding health care savings accounts".


ジョン said...

"Permitting Americans to shop for health insurance in other states," I would assume, means that people could choose to buy health insurance coverage in states not their own, but I really don't know what a "health care savings account" is. A quick search yielded this:

"A Health Savings Account (HSA) can do more for you than help pay for health-care expenses with tax-free dollars. It also helps to bridge gaps in health insurance coverage if you lose your job, or when you retire."


bikenglish said...


Thank you for trying to explain these difficult terms, but unfortunately I cannot understand them completely. In my excuse, I could not understand what even American could not.


ジョン said...


ところで、In my excuseよりIn my defenseのほうが自然です。とてもいい表現を身につけましたね。