Mar 25, 2010

annual concert

My son belongs to a wind music club of his high school. Last Sunday, I went to the club's annual concert with my wife, daughter and mother-in-law.

The concert was formed by two parts, the first was classic stage, and the second pop stage. I could enjoy all the stages, especially the pop stage.

The pop stage included a dance performance by some members of the club. They danced with the melody of Michel Jackson's "ABC" and "Thriller".

I was a little bit surprised with their trained performance because their school is one of a "Shingakkou"(進学校) in Fukuoka prefecture. "Shingakkou" means in Japanese that its students study very hard to go to famous universities.

It was the best thing for all parents attending the concert to see their children's full smiles after the concert, I think.

(This photo is one of scenes in their rehearsal.)


ジョン said...

It's good that they enjoyed themselves. (I don't really have much in the way of memories of high school, I think.) I'm sure the practice was difficult, but hopefully they all had fun.

bikenglish said...


Thank you. Can you play any instruments ? They have looked to spend very great time, I think.

ジョン said...

When I was younger, I played the piano and the marimba (a xylophone-like instrument), but I don't really play anything anymore, unfortunately.