Oct 4, 2009


Yesterday, I took three women to "Hirodai" to see "susuki". They are about thirty years old, but do not have "steady" a significant other,so they are seeking good relationship with a man. So, in this excursion, there was another purpose that I gave a chance them to meet with good men.

But, this time, I was sorry that I could not introduce suitable men to them. I will make another meeting chance to them at the end of November.

However, I was a little bit satisfied with that day's result because they seemed to enjoy the nature of "Hirao-dai" in spite of the lack of good meeting. I took several photos and you can see them on my web album.


AwishBright Entertainment said...

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ジョン said...

Playing matchmaker, are we?

I have to say, Susuki is BEAUTIFUL. Who needs to find a significant other when you've got environs like that?

ところで、steadyならどういう意味かぴんとこないんですね。(30歳なので、(足が)丈夫じゃない、ということだと思いました)。それより、a boyfriendかa significant otherのほうがいいと思いますが、どうでしょうか。


bikenglish said...


Thank you for posting a comment. Do you have a bike? I always welcome your comment.


Thank you for correcting my English.




ジョン said...

You could say that the ladies "aren't in steady relationships" or "don't have steady boyfriends." ただし、steadyは50年代のアメリカの流行語だったので、使ったらオールドファッションに聞こえてしまうかもしれません。必ずしもそうではありませんが。ちょっと微妙のようですね。

"I'm going steady with Bobby!"
"You want to go steady with a guy like that?"