Sep 29, 2009

My new bike got here!

I had ordered a bike shop to replace the frame of my bike from "Klein" to "Anchor". The new bike came on last Sunday!

The Klein's frame is made from aluminum, so it is a little bit bold to keep its strength. I had wanted a thinner frame bike because I thought that it looks better.

The new frame is made from chromium molybdenum steel that is said to keep strength with thinner pipe. The frame maker is "Anchor" that is a well-known company, Bridgestone's bland name for bike.

I have not yet ridden this bike for a long ride, I am looking forward to riding it next Sunday.


ジョン said...

Your new frame definitely looks lighter so I bet that you'll definitely notice a difference while you're riding.


僕は"New bike has appeared!"を聞いたらRPGの中で新しい自転車という敵が突然現れて戦闘が始まる、というこっけいなシーンを想像しました。それは、RPGをやる友達からの影響でしょう。〈笑〉

多分、"My new bike has arrived"(・・・が届いた)か"My new bike got here"(・・・がやってきた)のどちらかがいいのでは、と思います。"Appeared"だと、Bikenglishさんがいない間に、他人が自転車をどこかに置いていって、Bikenglishさんは来たら自転車が置かれているのを見て「自転車が(なぜか)現れた!」というニュアンスがあると思います。


bikenglish said...


Thank you very much for correcting my mistake. I have corrected the title along your suggestion.

Your explanation is very good for my understanding, not "Chinke"!. And your good Japanese help me understand what you meant very well.




ジョン said...



Life is in good conditionとは言いませんね。Life is goodとかLife is going wellとかは言いますから、多分、We always hope that our life will go well, but sometimes it doesn'tとはいいのでは、と思います。それとも、

次の文なんですが、feel the end of my lifeとも言いません。普通は、when I'm about to dieかon my deathbedかin my last minutes (or, seconds)かat the very endなどを言うんですね。「死ぬ瞬間」ならat the instant (or, moment) that I dieに当たります。そして、その部分を文の最初に置けばいいと思います。(それが普通なんです・・・)


It is my hope that, at the moment that I die, I'll be able to think, "You know, my life really wasn't so bad at all."


bikenglish said...


Thank you very much. This time, your Japanese also helps me learn good English sentence. I think you can earn money by translating English into Japanese, or Japanese into English.