Oct 18, 2009

acute hepatitis

Last Thursday, I went to a nearby "clinic" to see a doctor because I could not recognize any improvement on my disease. He said that people who have got influenza have normally about five days high body temperature. "Do not mind!"

But, the blood tests showed the abnormal level of the ability of my liver.

Quickly, he introduced me another doctor in a relatively big hospital to get more detailed diagnosis.

Finally, a new doctor diagnosed my disease as "acute hepatitis" . He said that generally the main cause of acute hepatitis is by infection of virus, but in this case he could not identify it. The treatment policy is "to rest quietly", staying in a bed or sitting on a chair. There is no special treatment for it, like injection, drug.

I will go to the hospital tomorrow to see the doctor, hoping to hear good result of my blood tests.

10/19-----279----- 517----- 1106-----2.16-----306
*The last day, the doctor said me that "you are just recovering, you do not have to see me again."


ジョン said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've caught something like that, but at least it was identified quickly. I guess you'll just have to wait it out, then. Rest easy, my friend! Get well soon. (お大事に!)

lenin said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. Please, take care of yourself and have a rest. I hope you'll get well soon, just stay brave and optimistic.

Unknown said...

It looks like you are starting to get better. I hope you continue to improve and get back to normal soon.

bikenglish said...

Thank you for kind words. I will be back to normal life and re-start my blog. (But, unfortunately, I have now no enjoyable topics!)

lenin said...

glad to hear from you, i was really worried, get well!