Aug 17, 2009

a view from riding a bike

I have been considering a way to tell you about enjoyable riding on my home course. The answer, at this time is this movie.
Yesterday, I took this by operating a digital camera in my left hand while feeling a little bit risk. I will try this method for other good scenery.


ジョン said...

Wow, what a beautiful place to bike. I wish I lived near a place like that. Definitely an interesting video. Yeah, you've got to be careful when taking photos or movies like that!

bikenglish said...


I will try to take more beautiful scene next time.

_X_X_ said...

It seems really nice riding a bike along side the ocean like that! I'm also very enthusiastic about riding bicycles... hoping when I get to Miyazaki-shi next month to get a bike and take my own ocean-side rides, for sure!

Anonymous said...

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