Aug 10, 2009


Last Saturday and Sunday, I had a roadtrip with my family to an "onsen" in Kumamoto prefecture(熊本県). The accommodation where we stayed locates in an area named "Ota-onsen"(小田温泉) near famous "Kurokawa-onsen"(黒川温泉).

I took several photos in this trip. There are not interesting scenes in these photos, but you can see beautiful "green" in Japan in this season.


lenin said...

thank you for posting the photos, the place really looks nice and green and quiet. The food seemes delicious too^^.

ジョン said...

Hi, Bikenglish! Sorry, I've been a bit behind on my blogs recently. ^_^ I'll catch up later on this weekend.

That greenery that you mentioned is gorgeous. Those sorts of views might be my favorite part of Japan. I find them captivating and I hope that I'll be able to live in a semi-rural place with some greenery one day.

Looking at your photos, it almost felt like I was walking around that town.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for posting a comment. I am looking forward to seeing your photos taken in Spain.


These photos was taken in "Mameda-machi, city of Hita, Oita prefecture"(大分県日田市豆田町)by mainly my daughter. The town is a very sight-seeing place "kankou-chi"(観光地). It remains the atmosphere of traditional towns.

_X_X_ said...

Nice to see the photos posted here. Kumamoto is, not exactly, but vaguely close to where I'll be staying for a year (coming up next month). Always interesting to read/see people blogging about the surrounding area there. I have to admit that my knowledge of regions in Kyushu hasn't been too good up until more recently (when chosen for the exchange program I'll be on).