Aug 25, 2009

a scene in a train

I took this photo in a train this morning. If he sitted in the seat in right form, and right young man placed his bag on his knees, three person could sit in their seats.


ジョン said...

It's pretty rude sleeping like that but at least it makes for a funny photo. Especially with henohenomoheji. :-)

bikenglish said...


Thank you for a comment. I tell you its following story. The train had become jammed but people around them including me ignored their rude attitude while feeling uncomfortable. But, a courageous middle aged woman waked them to get her seat. I thought she did right thing.

ジョン said...

Ha! I wholeheartedly support the actions of that lady. Good for her.

lenin said...

Thank you for posting a funny pic.

It's just about the same in our trains. There you can often find some people sleeping on three sittings, and then there's always a middle-aged or elderly lady that wakes them up to have a sit.

Still I prefer to stand when going on a train in a metro, 'cause there're always some obaachans entering at the next station so you just have to stand up even if you've just sat down.