May 19, 2009


"Tamago-kake-gohan"(卵かけご飯) is a simple cooking. To make it, people put raw egg with soy sauce on a hot rice.

Today, we can use something special as a seasoning instead of soy sauce.

Right is "tamago-kake-gohan-sennyou-furikake"(卵かけごはん専用ふりかけ). It means a special solid seasoning for raw egg and rice. Several days ago, I bought it, but it is not better than I expected.

Center is a special soy sauce for "tamago-kake".

Left is a special seasoning for "sanuki-udon"(讃岐うどん). I bought it in Kagawa prefecture on our family trip in early April. Its name is "Sanuki-udon-kare-udon-dasi"(讃岐うどんカレーうどんだし). It is mainly used with "udon", but we can use it as a seasoning for "tamago-kake", and I think it is the best in this three seasonings for "tamago-kake".


Unknown said...

I'm sure they would taste better with our great fresh eggs! I think I will try to find something similar here in Oita. I have never tried tamago-kake-gohan.

bikenglish said...


Yes, the taste of "tamago-kake-gohan" depends on the freshness and the taste of egg's itself. So, the eggs from your garden will present good "tamago-kake-gohan", I think.