May 9, 2009

My anxiety

In recent days, China has become a huge country, it means that it has great economic, and military forces power. So, I have worried that China is becoming a thread to Japan and other countries. My anxiety might have become a real thing.

I found this article in Asahi newspaper on May 4. It said that the Rudd administration released a plan that the country would have more weapons against China in twenty years.

Human beings are not becoming wiser although technology is developing very well, I think.


Unknown said...

I agree. The world is becoming a very scary place and people are forgetting what is most important - people! I hope that we can help to build a safe world for my children to live in in the future.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for a comment. Most of Japanese are not conscious that China is thread. But, I have heard China have exported weapons to Afirica.

I don't know why international conflicts have not been gone in the world although many people have wanted the peaceful world.