May 24, 2009


In recent years, we have more chance to find "mugi-batake"(麦畑) wheat (barley) fields. They have served good color in country side, I think.

I don't know whether these fields are wheat or barley fields. But, I have heard that wheat for bread cannot be planted in Kyushu area, so these are wheat for "udon" or "rah-men", or barley for beer.

The government's subsidy system helps farmers increase the area of their wheat fields, I think.
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Zarte said...

This scene is very similar to the golded fields here, where I live. But they are plenty of wheat instead of rice.
Sorry for my English ^^U

Zarte said...

Sorry again: *golden

bikenglish said...


Thank you for posting your comment. These are wheat field that is increasing in our area.

ジョン said...

What a lovely road to live near. I hope that I can live in the country someday.

bikenglish said...


It is recent tendency that we can see a lot of wheat fields in this season.