Nov 5, 2008

Black Bass

Last Saturday, I saw a lot of people gathering in a place along Onga-gawa river when I rode my bike. Later, I found out that a Black Bass fishing competition was held there. Onga-gawa river is known as good place for fishing Black Bass.

Sometimes, I go to fishing, but I have no experience to fish a Black Bass. Because it is said that the fish is not good taste does not taste good. (But, there is an opinion that it is not bad.) My policy about fishing is "catch and eat", not "catch and release".


ジョン said...

I've never really gone fishing before. I think I did a couple of times with my father way back when (昔々という意味), but I have no real experience with it.

By the way, instead of saying that the fish is "not good taste," I think it would be better to say to that it "does not taste good." To say that something is "not in good taste" means something like "嗜みがない," I think.

bikenglish said...

Thank you for correcting my English.

Fishing is a good re-creational activity, because people can concentrate their atteintion on it without thinking other troublesome issues.