Nov 9, 2008


This is a document that shows menus of lunches served at my daughter's elementary school. It lets me remind of school lunches (給食) in my childhood.

In those days, it included a food made from wheal meat because it could be purchased at very low cost. I liked it, but now, it becomes one of expensive foods, so we can rarely eat it.

We had not had rice meals(ご飯) as school lunches in those days. Every menu was formed by bread and other foods. I have heard that those day's people believed that children should eat bread, not rice. Because bread could make children smarter like Westerners. Of course, now, there is no people who believe it, my daughter can eat rice as school lunches.

School lunch is one of good communication tools because everyone has similar experience, especially people in same age at same area have eaten same foods.


ジョン said...

I see that milk comes with the lunches. I really like milk, so I would be happy to receive it at lunch everyday.

Come to think of it, I'm not really drinking any milk anymore. I should really start drinking it again.

bikenglish said...

To Jon-san,

Yes, children can get milk at every school lunches, even if it is "Gohan"-style lunches.

I would like to know about your memory on school lunch.

ジョン said...

My mother always made my school lunches, actually. When I was very young, I had a lunch box, but as I got older, I think that I just used paper bags. She usually made peanut butter sandwiches for me, as I recall. I don't recall what I drank, though. (I know it wasn't milk.)