Nov 18, 2008

Cycle Tour "Kitakyushu"

Last Sunday, I took part in an cycle event called "Cycle Tour Kitakyushu". I rode my bike on about 80km enjoying Autumn leaves. It was an event, not a race, so I did not receive the record of my ride. But, I was satisfied with the result because my average speed was about 20.8km, and was faster than I thought.

The weather condition was cloudy and had a little bit rain, but it did not bother me.

This time, it was the first event and there were several problems. We had to stop many times at signals because the course was in city areas. I hope that this will be improved next time.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a camera with me, so I link this archive to here.


Anonymous said...

are you taking part in this year's Cycle Tour of Kitakyushu (Nov.1st)?

bikenglish said...

Yes, I have a plan to take part in this event.