Oct 28, 2008


Recent days, we can often see "Ashi-yu"(足湯) in sight-seeing place, mainly "onsen" area. At "Ashi-yu", people can enjoy "onsen" by entering their foot in hot "onsen" water. Last Saturday, I had a little bit interesting experience on "Ashi-yu".

That day, my wife took part in an event held in the city of Miyawaka(宮若) as Jazzercize performer. So, I took her to this place with my daughter by my car. The event name was "Miyawaka-hurusato-matsuri"(宮若ふるさと祭), and it took about one hour to get to this place from my home.

This "Ashi-yu" was a temporary equipment that I had never seen before. I thought that it was interesting and good. I could enjoy it with free.

There is an "onsen" named "Wakita-onsen"(脇田温泉) near this event area, so the "onsen" staff demonstrated "Ashi-yu" for advertisement by using "onsen" water.


スサナ said...

I took ashi-yu in my friends little village in Tsuruoka, Yutagawa. They have a place for that there.
It was nice!

ジョン said...

That sounds like something that I'd like to try someday.

bikenglish said...

Thank you for your comments. "Ashi-yu" will give you relaxed feeling, especially after long walking.