Sep 6, 2008

act locally

I have learned "Chou-jin Neiger"(超神ネイガー) by reading today's Asahi newspaper. I felt that this hero character was very interesting.

As you know, there are a lot of hello characters broadcasted by TV program in Japan, but this character mainly acts in Akita prefecture and does not appear in any TV program across the nation. Because, his mission is to save mountains, sea in Akita and Akita itself. And his sayings and weapons links deeply to many products in Akita. Of course, he speaks Akita dialect.

Our area where I live is far from Akita, but I want go to Akita to meet "Chou-jin Neiger" in the future.


ジョン said...

One thing that I have a fond affection for are Japan's love of helmeted heroes like this. I think all shows like this remind Americans in general of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (or Power Rangers in general). Super Sentai, man ... a modern classic of a genre.

bikenglish said...

I saw MMPR on Youtube and have understood it. Thank you for your comment.

アメリカの人(若い人)が、趣味や好きな事について、よくmartial artsと書いているのを見て、何でだろうと思っていましたけど、このビデオを見てなんとなくなくわかった気がしました。