Feb 16, 2013


On February 2, I climbed a mountain called "Kuroiwa-san"(黒岩山) in Kujyu(久住) area with my friends. Climbing a mountain in this cold season has become an annual event for us.

When we had started to climb, it was cloudy and temperature was a little bit cold. But, the weather had become fine, we could enjoy the great mountain view on the day. We walked from "Kuroiwa-san" to "Sensui-san"(泉水山) for about four hours.

After that, we had a dinner at a friend's log cabin. And we took a bath at "Kyusuikei onsen"(九酔渓温泉) on our way to home.

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ジョン said...

Four hours is definitely quite the hike, but it's obvious that the view is entirely worth it too. That's a great thing to do every year and I hope that I'll have something like that that I'll do every year in Japan too.