Oct 27, 2012

South Korean activists send balloons with propaganda to North Korea

South Korean activists are sending thousands of pamphlets across the border to North Korea by balloon. The governments of both South and North Korea had warned them not to do so. Members of a group called Freedom Fighters for North Korea launched the balloons Monday from an island west of Seoul. Earlier in the day, South Korean police had blocked the group from releasing balloons. Then event organizer Park Sang-hak said the aim is to send letters containing what he called truth and fact to North Koreans. The activists are a group of defectors from North Korea. North Korea warned on Friday its military would carry out a "merciless strike" without warning if the leaflets were sent.

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1 comment:

ジョン said...

Just a few minor things:

across border
--> across the border

The government of both
--> The governments of both

Members of group
--> Members of a group

Soul --> Seoul

launched balloons
--> launched the balloons

releasing balloons
--> releasing the balloons

Then organizer
--> The event organizer

carry out "merciless strike"
--> carry out a "merciless strike"

I wonder when the two Koreas will be able to reunite again...