Oct 9, 2012

Cycle Tour Kitakyushu 2012

Curry Pan

Korean participants
Last Sunday, I took part in a cycling event named "Cycle Tour Kitakyushu". It was third time for me to do it. My entry course was "Challenge course" in which participants ride bike about 35 km. At this time, I chose the relatively short course because my daughter run bike with me.

In this event, I found several Koreans among participants. When I saw they enjoyed this event I could not imagine that there is a severe territory dispute between two countries.


Rob said...

Hi, Good to hear you took part in the Cycle Tour last Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the curry pan (and bananas!) in Moji Ko. I took part in the middle course (100km) as usual. Very enjoyable and well organized as always, even the weather was good this year too!! I look forward to participating again next year. Today I cycled the "Green Road" between Ashiya and Hatsu, lovely weather again today for a ride and lots of other cyclists out too.
Best wishes, Rob.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for posting a comment. Today, I run my bike on the "green road". We might meet on the road someday.

ジョン said...

I hope you enjoyed the ride.

I studied with some Koreans at my Japanese school in Okazaki and would never have guessed that there was so much political strife and history between the countries. I learned about all of that later.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for comment.

Now, it is very important and difficult for people in Japan to build good relationship with South Korea and China.