Oct 4, 2012

Obama administration is refusing to confirm or deny use of drone

The Obama administration is refusing to confirm or deny a report that says it is considering using pilotless planes against al-Qaeda agents in north Africa. The Washington Post newspaper reported Tuesday that secret meetings have been held at White House to consider action against al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. The group has become increasingly active in northern Mali. The government there fell earlier this year to Islamist militants connected to al-Qaeda. The National Security Council spokesman did not comment on the news story. But in a statement  he said that President has been clear about his goal to destroy al-Qaeda and we work toward that goal every day. 



ジョン said...

As a translation exercise, I tried translating your Japanese to English without looking first at the original English text. I think I can give myself a B- on it.

in Islamic Maghreb
--> in the Islamic Maghreb

bikenglish said...


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