Apr 8, 2012

VOA Special English News 99

Leaders from 53 countries have begun a two-day meeting in Seoul, South Korea. The leaders are talking about ways to make sure terrorists are not able to gain control of nuclear weapons. On Sunday, President Obama announced that Ukraine has removed all highly enriched uranium from its soil. He said Ukraine was acting on a promise made two years ago at the first Nuclear Security conference in Washington. Since then, United States and Russia have agreed to do away with enough plutonium for 17 thousand nuclear weapons. And Kazakhstan has secured more than 13 tons of highly enriched uranium and plutonium in the past two years. Many nuclear weapons from the former Soviet Union have been stored in Kazakhstan.


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ジョン said...

Hello! I'm sorry I've been away recently. I haven't been feeling too well. (時間があったらまたメールしようと思っています。)

"two-day meeting" is correct. I just wanted to commend you for adding the hyphen. Great catch. Not many Americans know to do this, I think.

--> Seoul
(I think a lot of English-speakers might not realize this one too.)

On Sunday
--> On Sunday,
Very minor.

two year ago
--> two years ago
I'm sure this is just a typo, but just for the record.

Since then United States
--> Since then, the United States

Great work! Your next posting will be your hundredth, won't it? I admire your dedication to your studies.