Apr 21, 2012

VOA Special English News 101

American officials say a Black Hawk helicopter has crashed in southwestern Afghanistan. The plane crashed in bad weather Thursday. It was not known if any of the four crew members survive. Earlier, Afghan President Hamid Karzai strongly condemned the actions of American soldiers pictured with the dead bodies of militants. He said the pictures were evidence that foreign troops needs to withdraw sooner. The pictures were taken in 2010. The Los Angesl Times published two of the 18 pictures Wednesday. The newspaper reports says the soldiers who released the pictures wanted to draw  attention to poor leadership that could threaten the safety of troops.

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1 comment:

ジョン said...

any of four crew members
--> any of the four crew members

soldier's picture with dead
--> soldiers pictured with the dead
It could have just as easily been what you wrote, as that's fine too, but this is what was actually said. Very fine difference, though, and not a big deal.

He said pictures
--> He said the pictures

The Los Angesl Times published two of 18 pictures
--> The Los Angeles Times published two of the 18 pictures

reports says soldiers
--> report says the soldier

threaten safety
--> threaten the safety

It seems that "the" is a difficult word to make out (聞き取る). It does seem not to be very emphasized in spoken sentences.