Apr 15, 2012

VOA Special English News 100

The United Nation's Secretary of General Ban Ki- moon has joined international leaders in condemning North Korea's launch of a long-distance rocket, even though the test failed. The rocket broke up and crashed into the Yellow Sea shortly after it was launched on Friday. North Korea's official news agency admitted the rocket failed to send what it says a weather satellite into orbit. North Korea ignored international protests and appeals to not launch the rocket. Many countries believe the launch was a test of a long-distance missile that could carry nuclear weapons. The rocket failed for a lack of fuel. It fell into the sea without hitting land or striking any of many boats watching the test from international waters.

original news

国連事務総長の潘 基文(パン・ギムン)氏は、発射実験が失敗したにも関わらず、各国の指導者とともに北朝鮮の長距離ロケットの発射を非難した。ロケットは、金曜日発射直後、分裂し、黄海に衝突した。北朝鮮国営放送は、ロケットは、「気象衛星」を軌道に送ること失敗したことを認めた内容を放送した。北朝鮮は国際的な抗議を無視し、ロケットの発射はしていないと主張した。多くの国々は発射は核兵器を搭載できる長距離ミサイルの実験だったと思っている。ロケットは燃料不足で失敗した。ロケットは、地上にぶつかることなく、また公海上から実験を見ていた多くのボートにぶつかることなく、海に落下した。

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ジョン said...

Congratulations on 100 VOA exercises! It's very admirable of you to keep doing this after all this time. Not many people have that sort of dedication, I think. I hope that you feel that your English ability is improving.

long distance rocket
long distance missile
--> long-distance rocket
--> long-distance missile
A minor thing but worth pointing out, I think. The phrase "long distance" is being used as a single term to modify the nouns "rocket" and "missile," so it gets a hyphen to link them together. The reason this rule exists is to distinguish which words are modifying what. With the hyphen, we can tell that it is a rocket that is long-distance and not, for example, something called a "distance rocket" that happens to be long. I hope this makes sense. If not, just let me know. (This is all of the top of my head.)

it says weather satellite
--> it says is a weather satellite

and appealed
--> and appeals
This is difficult to hear but, grammatically, this is what he must have said.

countries believed the launch
--> countries believe the launch
This is one is tough too, and it could go either way, but I think he's saying this.

Please keep up the great work!