Nov 12, 2011

How to process fishes

I found an interesting book in a library that I have used every weekend. The book's title is "Sakano no Oroshi-kata"(魚のおろし方). It shows many ways to process fishes meeting their forms. People in Japan eat many fishes so this kind of book is published, I think.

I felt my skill has improved when I processed "Haze"(ハゼ) after I saw how to do it in the book.


Unknown said...

I need this book! I rarely buy fish in Japan because I can't fillet it properly and I hate eating fish with bones in it. My children love fish though... perhaps I should practice a bit more.

bikenglish said...


I think it is a good book to a person like you. I has a lot of pictures. I recommend you to lend it from a library because it's price is a little bit high, more than 1500yen. But the library in your are might not have it.