Nov 26, 2011

VOA Special English News 73

China is criticizing the West for its latest steps to punish Iran for its nuclear program. China's foreign ministry official Liu Weimin said the newest actions could hurt chances for peace and security. China's declaration follows similar statements from Russia's foreign ministry. Russia called the Western sanctions unacceptable and against international law. On Monday, the United States, Canada and Britain each announced steps to increase pressure against Iran because of concerns that it is developing nuclear weapons.


My thought/opinion on this issue
The situation has become confused. China and Russia did the actions from strategic reason. But to isolate Iran is not a good measure to improve this situation, I think.


ジョン said...

満点! It looks perfect to me. Great work!

Just one thing to be aware of, if you're not already: "criticising" is the British spelling for the word. "Criticizing" is how we spell it in America. I'm not sure which style you're going for, but I just wanted to point that out.

bikenglish said...


I am glad that you give me "満点", thank you. At that time, I did not make up my mind whether to spell "criticizing" or "criticising". But I chose "criticising" without seeing my dictionary. I had mistaken.