Jul 24, 2011

VOA Special English News 27

Americans are experiencing extremely hot weather. The National Weather Service released heat warnings for parts of the eastern and central United States Friday. The warnings say the temperature could reach as high as 39 degrees Celsius and may feel like 46 degrees Celsius. Health officials say 6 people have already died as a result of severe heat. They warned Americans to avoid working outside during the middle of the day and check on the neighbors and family members. In Washington, a Code Red was issued to warn people of bad air quality because of the heat. In New York, the main power company predicted it might break its historical record for electricity use as people used devices to cool down.



ジョン said...

The only possible correction that I see is that "The warning say" (to "The warnings say") but I think that's just a typo. Looks like a perfect job to me! Congratulations!

Yes, it's very hot here. I'm not sure that Houston is much hotter than it normally is during this time of the year, though.

bikenglish said...


Thank you very much for comment on all articles in my blog.