Jul 18, 2010

Seeing "Kokura-Gion Daiko" with Indonesians

Last Saturday, I took three Indonesians to Kokura (小倉) to see "Kokura-Gion-Daiko"(小倉祇園太鼓). They are working in a nursing home and a hospital in Japan as workers under EPA, Economic Partnership Agreement between Japan and Indonesia.

Two men of them have already been introduced on this blog, but I saw this women for the first time.

Her name is Elice-san, and she is working at the hospital of the University of Occupational and Environmental Health(産業医科大学病院). She is a very smart woman who has a nice Asian smile, I think.

After seeing several teams that played "Gion-Daiko", we took a dinner at a restaurant that serves mainly "Soba"(そば) that is one of Japanese traditional noodle.

At first, I would treat them to this dinner. But, she said that she would to treat three men including me to this dinner because she had just received a special payment on her job. Finally, I decided to accept her offer. I will send a small gift as "Okaeshi"(お返し)to her.

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