Jan 31, 2010


The "Ume"(梅), Japanese apricot, in my house's yard has started having its flowers.

This tree has a small history on my family.

About thirty years ago, my elder brother received a small "Ume" tree at the coming-of-age ceremony. My father planted it on a ground where now my house stands. Since then, the "Ume" has grown to an adult tree that have its flowers and fruits every year.

This year, it is expected to have many flowers and fruits even though it had fewer flowers last year.

I can remember my father who died last month when I see its flowers. I think that it is good idea to plant a tree as a memory because it make people remember something important.


ジョン said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your father, but I think that it's good that you have a keepsake like that to remember your family with. That is truly a tree with some history.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to have a living thing to remember someone who was dear to you.


bikenglish said...


I will make "Ume-syrup" from their fruits this summer.


I had an Italian female friend on the Internet, but unfortunately her blog had disappeared suddenly. Her handle name was Mari on the blog. If you are a same person, I am very glad to hear your voice again.