Feb 3, 2010

two purchases

I lost an i-Pod shuffle that I used for about 2years in the end of December last year. So I bought a new i-pod shuffle earlier January. My main use of it is to listen to the VOA Special English programs taken from its podcast in a train on my way to my office.

The new i-Pod shuffle has a convenient function that speaks the title of music or program. But, it does not have a basic function that plays a song a little bit forward or back.

But, I found the old one in my jacket last week. I had forgotten that I kept it in my cloth, probably because I spent busy time for nursing my father.

The second purchase in recent days is Regina Carter's album;"I will be seeing you:a sentimental journey". She is an African-American jazz violinist, and one of my favorite musicians. I have heard her name and music through VOA Special English program.

By the way, the new i-Pod shuffle's new function brought me a small finding. I had thought that her first name is pronounced "REJINA" for a long time, but it sounds "REJAINA" to me in its speaking function. I don't know which is correct.


Miguel said...

Hi, bikenglish. There is a method to fast forward and rewind on the 3rd generation Shuffle.

Double-click and hold the Center button.
Blinks green once

Triple-click and hold the Center button.
Blinks green once


ジョン said...

Double the shuffle!

I admire your dedication in listening to podcasts. I just can't seem to stick with them even though I need to. Maybe I need to try more to find podcasts that I find interesting.

By the way, I'm pretty sure that Regina Carter's name is pronounced as "Regina" normally is: "Rejina" (レジーナ).

I don't think I've heard her music before, so I should give her a listen sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Biker,

I don't have an i-pod, but I do listen to Japanese podcasts whenever I can ^_^. what a marvellous possibility to learn languages, isn't it? とても楽しいです。

Maki said...

Hello, I am Maki, and thank you for visiting my blog. Since I visited your blog, I thought your English writing appears polished, and I have respected you. I hope my skill will also improve as I keep practicing. So どうぞよろしくおねがいします。  In addition, I am a fan of VOA Special English, and have been one for almost a year.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for good information. Now, my son uses the 3rd generation shuffle, I tried the way for FF or REW on it after I heard your advise. But, I could not do it so well, probably it needs a little bit technique, I think.


Thank you for teaching me its correct pronunciation. After posting the article, I have learned that the voice cover sometimes mis-read the title of music on some web-site. And, I really recommend you to try her music.


The modern technology like the Internet have made us to get the easy way to learn languages, I think.


I really welcome your visiting on my blog. I hope our relationship on the web to encourage with each other.

I am listening to Special English for about 10 years, it is so long!

Maki said...

Hello, thank you for your response. I'm getting to know you, also I'd like to speak of myself; I've been a fan of VOA SE almost for 1 year, but I have read almost all articles since then. I started writing as practice from the year start because I want to improve English not for a qualification. I'd like to use English practically. So my English is poor, but I'll try at my best. Please advice me any time. どうぞよろしくおねがいします。

kinokage (木の陰) said...