Sep 19, 2009


Last Thursday, I came across this article in Asahi newspaper. I thought it was a little bit interesting. We often can see this type of headline using "word play".

In this case, the chairman told the mayor not to chew gum during the mayor's speech. In Japanese, "議長は市長に対して「答弁中は(チュウイン)ガムをかまないように」と注意した"(gichou-wa-shichou-ni-taishite-toubenchu-wa-gamu-wo-kamanaiyouni-to-chuui-shita). The writer used this headline because both word's pronunciation are similar.


ジョン said...

That's an amusing headline. (It took me a second to see what you were talking about for some reason.)

bikenglish said...


Yes, we often see these type's headline in a newspaper. I will introduce another one in next time.