Apr 7, 2009

"Udon no tabi"

From Friday to Sunday, our family visited Shikoku(四国). The main goal of our this trip was to eat "Sanuki Udon noodle"(讃岐うどん) in Takamatsu city(高松市). It is known for its unique taste. It is a thick and rather stiff type.

Friday's night, we rode on a ferry boat that brought us from Kokura(小倉), the city of Kitakyushu(北九州市) to Matsuyama(松山市), Ehime Prefecture(愛媛県). We spent one night in the ship, but I could not get a good sleep because of the low sound of the ship's engine.

After arriving at Matsuyama-kankou-kou(松山観光港) port, we moved to Dougo-onsen(道後温泉) by a bus. At this onsen, people can choose bath and service among several combinations. We chose the high priced course that includes using a rest room for 80 minutes, green tea and "Botchan-dango(坊ちゃん団子)", and "yukata" printed with white heron(白さぎ柄の浴衣). Of course, it includes using a bath named "Tama no yu"(霊の湯).

After that, we took JR Shikoku to visit Kotohira-gu(金刀比羅宮) shrine in Kotohira-town(琴平町). Unfortunately, it staretd raining when we arrived at the JR Kotohira station(琴平駅). The shrine locates at very high place, so we must go up long stairs built made of a lot of stones.

And, we rode on a JR train again and arrived in Takamatsu city after 0pm.

Next day, Sunday, we visited three places that serve "Sanuki Udon noodle". At first, we had a plan to visit many Udon restaurant, however, we could not because several restaurant were off and shortage of time. But, we were satisfied with the result because we could really enjoy "Sanuki-Udon".

Afternoon, we got on a JR train to come back to Kyushu. We used Shinkansen(新幹線) from Okayama(岡山).


ジョン said...

Wow. It sounds like you and your family had a pretty interesting trip. That's the sort of trip that I wish I could take sometime.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for posting your comment. I really recommend you to eat "Sanuki-udon" in Tamakamatsu city and its nearby area. The area has a lot of places that serve unique "Udon", and you can get "Udon-map" there.