Apr 3, 2009

like Obama

I have learned that Michelle Obama haves started an organic garden on the South Lawn of the Whitehouse from a VOA special English program. So, today, I introduce our organic garden in our house's yard. I will pick peas in a month. I am looking forward to eating rice with peas(豆ご飯).

I don't know that the family really want to start the garden. It looks a kind of presidential performance for getting popularity. But, it is a good idea, regardless of their thought. I hope that more people become interested in growing vegetables in their garden.

BTW, I have heard that Michelle Obama has declared that she will play "Mom in chief". It sounds to me that she would not act as the first lady like Hillary Clinton. I thought that if she act like Hillary, the family would be more violently attacked by extreme racist. So she declared "Mom". I would like to know opinion of people in America on this issue.


lenin said...

that's a good thing to plant some vegies in your backyard. We plant some strawberries and they're really yummy in summer.

I'm not an American, but I think it wouldn't attract more attention of extreme racist if Ms Obama acted like "First Lady". In any case she has her kids to look after and it's also important to show a good image of a housewife^^

Mike said...

Hello 'Bike'-san

Hillary Clinton was an unusual First Lady. She worked in politics while her husband was president. Most First Ladies have either been housewives or have worked for charities. So, it is not unusual for a First Lady to be "Mom in Chief".

Even so, I think that she wants to appear very traditional. I think it is part of their political strategy.

I like the idea of having a garden at the White House. I think it sets a good example for the nation.

I hope you won't mind if I offer some small corrections.

[subject-verb agreement] I have learned that Michelle Obama has started ...

... the family would be more attacked ...

This phrase is very interesting. I had to think hard about it. The word "more" is incorrect. The verb "to attack" has no quantity or size. It is either true or false: a person either is attacked or is not attacked. Therefore, the word "more" cannot go with "attack". You could say "more often attacked" or "more violently attacked".

ジョン said...

I think that it's likely that some folks don't want her to be as assertive as Hillary. Likewise, there probably are a few pockets of folks here and there that are already displeased with getting a black President and would further chafe if the First Lady took a more political style. That said, though, I'm not really sure that a more politically-active Michelle Obama would attract that much race-related ire.

I don't really follow politics, though, so what do I know?

bikenglish said...


Thank you for positng your comment.
Several days ago, I planted four seedlings of strawberries in my back yard. I am looking forward to eating a sweet strawberry in near future.

I was a little bit disappointed when Michelle declared that she would play a role in "Mom in chief" because I expected more active "First Lady".

bikenglish said...


Thank you very much for correcting my English, I welcome your offer pleasantly. I hope that you will keep in touch with my this blog.

I could understand what First Lady meanad and she only does its traditional style.

But, I am a little bit diappointed with her now style. I think she can send more peaceful message as the first black "First Laday" because she is a descendant of slave and a mother who has two children.

It is very difficult for people around the world to understand each other completely. It is almost impossible for people who use different language to communicate perfectly on complex issues.

But, mom's love for her child is only common language for human beings. If she use her unique status, she can bring peaceful message to in many conflict area around the world, I think.

bikenglish said...


Thank you. I could learn several new words, "assertive","chafe" and "ire" because you used them in your comment.