Apr 19, 2009


Last Saturday, I really enjoyed riding bike because of a fine day. I could not find a cloud in the sky. The sea looked very beautiful.

On my bike way, I visited "Jyoukou-ji"(浄光寺) temple in "Munakata" city(宗像市) that has three 150-year-old "Fuji"(藤) trees for the first time.


lenin said...

Wow, those trees are sooo beautiful, thanks for posting the pictures.

bikenglish said...


We can enjoy "Fuji" flowers by the first of May. It smells very good, so I am sorry that you could not feel its smell by using the Internet.

lenin said...


yes, that's a pity, in May we have also some flowers with good smell blooming, I'll post some pics of them later. May be I'll be lucky some day and visit Japan in spring to see all those beauties you show us^^