Feb 14, 2009

Tour de "Kunisaki"

Today, I received an invitation letter from a bike event named "Tour de Kunisaki" that is held on May 3 in Oita prefecture. I took part in this event last year and the year before.

I have a plan to take part in it this year.


スサナ said...

bikenglish san:)
you know? people in Spain don´t ride a bike as much as in Japan, I´m always surprised about bikes coming on my way on Japan!

bikenglish said...


Riding bike is not so popular in Spain than I thought, from your saying.

We can see a lot of bike named "Mama-chari" in mainly urban area. But, "sports-bike"s like roadbike, mountainbike and citybike are getting popular in recent days in Japan.