Feb 15, 2009

What was that war?(for Jpanese)

I read this book that I borrowed from a library in Onga-machi(遠賀町). I learned very confused situation in Japanese government at that time. And this book told me about why Japan had started the hopeless war.

Of course, I do not think that this book tells correctly everything about the war, but now, I have become interested in this subject. I will learn more about this problem mainly through reading books.

Why did Japan start the war? Main reason was in the government that was controlled by some officers at that time, I think. But, now I am suspecting that there was an idea that was spreading in White people's deepest minds in those days. The idea means that they should not permit that Japan occupied Asian countries and had a great power in Asia.

I am looking for a next book that will lead me to the answer.

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