Feb 8, 2009


Now, there are several attempts to increase the consumption of rice in Japan. "Kome-ko"(米粉) is among these efforts.

"Kome-ko" has not been spread among ordinary people because they have not had enough knowledge of how to cook using "Kome-ko" and to mill rice for "Kome-ko"needs a special skill that a few companies have.

Once, I have eaten a bread from "Kome-ko". It has a unique taste, in Japanese "もちもちしている","もちっとしている". If you have a chance, I recommend you to try it.


ジョン said...

Are these attempts to increase rice consumption fueled by concerns for the Japanese economy, since Japan grows most (or all?) of its rice? Or is it perhaps a nutritional concern?

When I lived there, I cooked rice almost everyday. I miss that little rice cooker of mine.

bikenglish said...


As total population in Japan has decreased and people eat more bread than the past, the consumption of rice has decreased. For example, I eat bread every morning.