Feb 14, 2009

"Ume ni Mejiro"

Today's morning, I found a "Mejiro"(めじろ) on a branch of "Ume"(梅) tree in my house's yard. "Mejiro" is one of wild birds that are seen in this season.


スサナ said...


Cheryl said...

That is a very pretty bird.

bikenglish said...


Yes, it is a little bit smaller than "suzume", so really pretty.

the Octo Girlie-san,

I welcome your vist on my blog. I will write two archives a week. I hope you continue to see my blog.

ジョン said...

I don't recall whether or not I saw any of these while I was in Japan. I suppose I probably did if they live in Aichi as well. Pretty cute.

By the way, if you don't mind a little tip: "I will write two entries a week" sounds better than using "archives." "Archives" is generally used to refer to a collection of older entries. For example:

"I wrote about that sometime in August. Check out my August archives and you should be able to find it."

Does that make sense?