Jun 19, 2008


Last Saturday, my son took part in "Chikuhou Suisougaku-sai"(筑豊吹奏楽祭) as a member of his brass band and I saw their performance with my wife. This is a part of a bouchure of this event.

It was held in the city of "Iizuka"(飯塚) that is far about 50minutes by car from my house. "Chikuhou"(筑豊) is the name of this area that had many coal mines and prospered in the past. But now, this area has no remarkable industry and its unemployment rate is relatively higher.

But, I saw a lot of students who took part in this festival and thought that this area has had good culture and trend.


ジョン said...

What instrument does your son play? Also, I'm pretty amused that the brochure includes English explanations of the Japanese. Were there a lot of foreigners there or something?

bikenglish said...

My son plays a tuba in his band. He can also play a piano. He is my pride.(自慢の息子)

I added these English explanations on this JPG file for my friends who cannot read Japanese language.

ジョン said...

Ah, I see. I wish I could play the piano better. >_<